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Our Team

We value your dignity and respect your way of live. You will find our care workers and managers are respectful and courteous. You will find us always ready and able to give you or your loved one the best quality care at home.


Our Senior Care Team

We have a dedicated team of senior care staff who we class as ‘our eyes and ears’ out in the field of care delivery. All of the members of the team are experienced individuals who will oversee, monitor and mentor our direct care staff. They are trained in risk assessing, reviewing and overall compliance and help to ensure that our quality is maintained.

The senior team will also conduct regular care calls and will be keeping an eye on everything to ensure it’s all running smoothly and will report back to the central office as to how everything is going in each individual package. We simply could not and would not want to operate without them!


Meet Our Managers

Corrine Williams
Head of Support Services

I have worked within health and social care industry for the past 11 years and achieved my Bachelor of Human Science degree in 2005. I have worked in the field of Domiciliary Care since 2007, covering the areas of reviewing & assessing and team manager. I came to Verytas Solutions in 2010 as a Head of Support Services, where I have direct responsibility for all recruitment, training and compliance monitoring.

I am a qualified Manual Handling Passport trainer and am currently engaged in the QCF Assessors course to enable Verytas to have more control over it’s QCF sign-​up rate. I personally train all of our staff and I have revised our training and induction methods so that extra training modules are included and I am always looking at new training material and methods to make learning more interesting and fun.

I personally feel that to deliver a certain standard of care, we rely on members of staff believing in what we are doing and the methods we are employing to achieve these goals and by ensuring that further training and support is always available for our staff, we get there.


Steve Williams
Service Manager

In the year 2000 I achieved my Business Information Systems Management degree and went to work for an established national retailer for 6 years. It was during this time that I gained essential skills in staff management, customer service and the effective planning of new and existing business. I decided to make the transition into social care in March 2006 and honestly have never looked back.

I came to Verytas in October 2010 and was tasked with analysing our physical care delivery and rebuilding it to ensure maximum consistency in our rotas, matching care staff to service users and planning our care delivery to ensure minimal environmental impact from our carers travel. I love the challenge of integrating the many new packages and peoples changing needs into existing rotas and finding ways to improve our service — I’ve even been known to whip out my iPad at the cinema and start looking at rotas when I have a new idea!!

I absolutely love what I do, it can at times be extremely stressful and it drives me to despair, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Its great to feel like you are making a difference and when you receive great feedback, it just makes it all worthwhile.


Graham Paterson
Registered Manager
Care Council for Wales Registration Number: W/​2089656

I have worked in the Social Care industry since August 2006 and have been a Registered Manager since 2007 and then went on to achieve my Registered Managers Award. Before this I gained a wide range of business experience in various industries such as I.T. accountancy and payroll. I came to Verytas as one of the Directors and also their Registered Manager in May 2010 and I am passionate that our business runs within strict guidelines to ensure the delivery of a high standard of care.

Calling upon some previous experience, I have developed new finance and tracking systems to ensure that Verytas is able to monitor its compliance more effectively and I can frequently be seen with yet another of my beloved spreadsheets, constantly striving for yet more operational efficiency to cut unnecessary costs and pass on these savings to our customers. I am a firm believer that high quality care should not be an expensive luxury, but a basic right and available to all at minimum cost and I know our operational team here at Verytas all come with different skills that all combine together to create something really wonderful.

In my spare time (which I will insist I never have) I’m slowly learning the Welsh language and trying to restore an old car – believe me, it’s a never-​ending story!